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My name is Ilham Kurnia Syuriadi. Love programming and games. Have interests in front-end development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Study in Bandung at Telkom University with Informatics major. Hard worker and a fast learner.

I walk slowly, but I never walk backward

- Abraham Lincoln -

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Laundry Information System

I made this for my college task. Develop with html, css, javascript and express js. Click here for the source code and here for the image file.

Telkom Codex Challenge 2018

The competion held by Telkom DDS. Develop with html, css and react js. I'm not joining the competition, just made it to improving my skill. Click here for the source code and here for the image file.

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

As informatics student, artificial intelligence is a compulsory subject. Here is some of implementation of artificial intelligence i've ever made.

Simulated Annealing Source code
k-Nearest Neighbour Source code
Fuzzy Logic Source code
Probabilistic Neural Network Source code
k-Means Clustering Source code
Q-Learning Source code
Naive Bayes Soon
Self-Organizing Maps Soon
Ensemble Learning Soon
Fuzzy AHP Soon
Text Classification Soon
Sentiment Analysis Soon


Basic Algorithm Practicum Assistant

Supervise the course at lab work and give some clue for students task. Hereafter, marking their assignments. At the end of the semester, I was tasked to guide them in their final assignments.

Machine Learning Lecturer Assistant

Checking and marking for machine learning assignments. The task is about clustering and classification for a set of data. Sometimes, I also give the lecture to students in class but it depends on the lecturer ordered.

Web Development Study Group

In this activity, I learned how to make a website from zero. At the front-end session, I learned how to use HTML, CSS, javascript, and bootstrap. At the back-end session, I learned how to use express js and MongoDB. This activity was held by Basisdata Lab.

Big Data (Data Engineer) Study Group

In this activity, I learned Big Data from Data Engineer's side and how to make data faster to process. Furthermore, I learned how to use virtual machine, hadoop and other Data Engineer things. This activity was held by Basisdata Lab.

Intern at Telkom Indonesia Billing and Payment Division

The intern was a task of my college subject. The intern is about to make a desktop application. The application is to validating customer contact. My part is to make the user interface. The user interface built with PyQt5 and Pyinstaller to make it into a single "executabel file".

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